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Fatigue: 3 tips to overcome guilt (with a bonus tip too)

Fatigue: 3 tips to overcome guilt (with a bonus tip too)

Fatigue is difficult. It is a common symptom of MS, an invisible beast which has two ways of attacking. Sometimes it ambushes you suddenly, with no warning, or it gently creeps up on you, gradually sucking all strength. Whichever tactic the monster uses, fatigue can contribute to decline in your mental health. Yesterday, I experienced …

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Depression in Multiple Sclerosis_ Is it inevitable?

Depression in Multiple Sclerosis: Is it inevitable?

The last four weeks have been a challenge. The number of days I have had to finish in bed, early, has increased. Often seeking solace in a darkened room at 3 in the afternoon. My limbs have been heavier, where trying to lift my arm takes effort. Walking, taking longer, slower every day, struggling to …

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Losing everything, again

Losing everything, again!!

It has been five weeks since I left the hospital where I had IV steroids to help with my mobility. When I arrived home, it took a few days to recover from ‘hospitalisation’ and then my new life started. My mobility had improved dramatically while in hospital and it continued to improve once I arrived …

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Should I Start Self Medicating?

There is no escape from the pain!! For nearly 5 years I have had a constant throbbing, stabbing and pulsing pain in my right temple extending to my whole head frequently. It does not stop. Every waking moment is accompanied by this sensation. Sitting on the couch this morning I realized I have tried all …

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Mindfulness Research in MS

Treating MS using Mindfulness

I am a participant in a new study that is being conducted by the Centre for Pain Research, National University of Ireland – Galway, and the MS Society of Ireland about the benefits of mindfulness in treating MS. This research is being conducted online, and they are actively looking for participants. This is what the …

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My life with MS and Chronic Pain - Week 3

My Life with MS & Chronic Pain – Week 3

Week ending October 14, 2018 Another week, and another few lessons to learn. At 49 you would think I need not learn anything new, but I am. Life is continually changing, and the circumstances are continually different. When you have change, there is always the chance that the habits and routines you have, fall apart. …

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