The medical and care systems are broken!!

Our medical and care system is broken - A 30 Minute Life

In this post I share my thoughts about the medical and care systems that people with chronic illnesses must use. Is there an alternative?

My Life with MS and Chronic Pain – Weeks 6 & 7

On my way home from hospital

When you have a chronic illness, it often interferes with your plans. It was my intention to write a few posts last week when I was in hospital.  Unfortunately, I could write nothing as the treatment and the hospital caused my pain to increase to a level that writing was Continue Reading

What should I pack in my hospital bag?

Packing your bag for hospital?

Packing your bag for hospital? What should you pack in your bag if you will be going to hospital. This is a list of recommended items to bring, plus some other tips. Recently I had to go to the hospital for a course of intravenous steroids to treat my worsening Continue Reading