September 2017

Get Support

Tip 4 – Get Support

Get Support? It is my illness. I can manage it on my own. Don’t interfere with my life, you don’t know what it is like. These thoughts have spun around my head so many times in the last 25 years, I have lost count. It can be lonely when the people around you don’t understand …

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Tip 3 – Look after your mental health

Look after your mental health “Look after your mental health” is really a sub-category of Tip 2 – Be Healthy. When you have a chronic illness that has no cure your life is thrown upside down. At no stage in your upbringing have you been taught the skills of how to manage the impact that …

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How to cope with chronic illness - Be Healthy

Tip 2 – Be Healthy

Be Healthy?? Be Healthy?? I have a chronic illness, how can I be healthy!! Seriously, it does seem like a contradiction. However, if you really think about it you will realise that of all people someone with a chronic illness cannot afford to live an unhealthy life. You want to give yourself the very best …

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Master your chronic illness otherwise it will be your Master

Tip 1 – Master your chronic illness or it will master you

Mastering Your Chronic Illness Having a chronic illness can seem all-consuming. The danger is that, and it probably does, it can take over your life. Permeating every aspect of your life. So, how do you prevent this from happening? The key is that you must become the Master of your chronic illness. How MS impacted …

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