May 2018



Tears caused by my changing abilities have caused me to reflect on what is happening now. How will I adjust to these losses? Tears Tears. Driving home on Thursday I could feel my eyes starting to flood. Listening to a podcast about how you had to face your fears I realised that I was in …

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‘Taking the Air’

‘Taking the Air’ was considered to be a cure for many illnesses. Life with a chronic illness means that we have to take every moment that is good, and cherish it. As I sat outside today, I was enjoying one of these. Taking the Air Air. Do you remember those pictures of rows of men …

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Living with Chronic Illness

Living with Chronic Illness – New Pain and Despair!

Pain woke me up Pain is a part of living with chronic illness. When a new pain is felt it is easy to fall into a feeling of despair. This is how I overcome despair. It woke me up, the pain. A dark room, pain in both thighs, shoulders and neck and I became disoriented. …

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