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Finding ‘Purpose’ when you have a Chronic Illness

Purpose When you have a chronic illness you can struggle to find a purpose in life. A reason to get up in the morning. If you are well you probably have a job that you go to 5 days a week. This gives you a focus in life. Not everyone enjoys their work, but it …

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Why you should listen

Why I always listen

Why listen? The hardest thing to do when you are suffering is to “Listen”. Your body is sore, uncomfortable. You are tired, fatigued. Stress and anxiety are your constant bedfellows, and depression looms in the near distance. With your mind and body shouting at you constantly, this noise can stop you from listening. Why is …

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Bad Day

Living with chronic illness – Bad Day

Bad Day Last Sunday was a really bad day for me. If you follow me on Twitter you would have seen my post on Monday about how I was dealing with these doldrums by using meditation, and journaling. The previous week I had been having troubles with work. My fatigue was draining me of energy, …

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How to cope with chronic illness - Be Healthy

Tip 2 – Be Healthy

Be Healthy?? Be Healthy?? I have a chronic illness, how can I be healthy!! Seriously, it does seem like a contradiction. However, if you really think about it you will realise that of all people someone with a chronic illness cannot afford to live an unhealthy life. You want to give yourself the very best …

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Living with Pain – The new ‘normal’

Living with Pain – The new ‘normal’ Living with pain is a huge pain in the neck. it is my new ‘normal’. I have had constant pain for the last 3 years as a result of a car crash. It presented itself to me the day after the accident, and it has been my constant …

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