An unexpected companion

In every journey, you will encounter many things. Some are exciting, frightening, or even amusing. These interludes in our travels make our lives interesting. How we choose to react to these events will have a direct impact on how we feel, and what we can learn.
Nearly 4 years ago I had one of these chance events happen to me. Initially, I didn’t even register the impact that this summers day would have on my subsequent life. An intruder entered my life. Describing how I felt in the weeks and months following would be to picture a spiteful enemy. When I wanted to be quiet, they screamed, when I wished to move, they pulled me back. Every day became a struggle, fighting against this tyrant in my existence. All that I did was being defined by a third-party in my life. I had ceded control. A defeat was imminent.
Suddenly I realised that I had become a minor player in the drama that is my life. The lead actor had complete control, and I am sure that the audience was wondering why I was even on the stage. This revelation shook me to my very core, and I resolved to take over the main role. With steel in my back, I stood up, with my shoulders back, ready.

What did I do?

I listened, I observed, and I thought. Realising that I was standing in the wings I pushed myself back to the centre of the stage. I was now equal, and I made this tyrant in my life a companion. I learned that by focusing on what had happened to me I no longer could see all the great things that I had in my life. Positive things started to surround me. They were always there but the red mist of anger had blocked them from my view. Now they glittered around me like so many diamonds. This one time enemy, and now constant companion, introduced me to a different way of viewing life, a way of being grateful.

Who is this companion?

It is PAIN. A constant in my life, something that will always be by my side. By changing the rules, rules that it created, I could find a way of living that is not dominated by cruelty. Every once in a while it reasserts itself, but I know now how to overcome its attacks. I am scarred by these battles, and I have lost many things I took for granted. However, I am still here, stronger than before, more resilient, and grateful for all that I have, accepting of my new companion.
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