It can feel like banging your head against a brick wall, whether you are helping a family member, or you are trying to get through to a friend, if you are doing your best to help someone, but they don’t want our help, the stresses and anxieties of the situation can loom at the front of our mind. But sometimes, if we are trying to get through to someone, and they are ignoring us, or we desperately need to help someone because they need our help, and they don’t want us to, is there any way we can get through to them?

Letting Them Know You’re Available, Whatever The Time

Reach Out, But In The Right Ways: Helping Someone Who Doesn’t Want Our Help

We have to respect the fact that they don’t want your help, but, this doesn’t stop us from communicating to them that we are there, no matter what. This could be all they need, should they be desperate for help. But if they’re not, we have to respect this boundary. We can feel guilty that we are not there for them, no matter how noble our intentions are. But the fact is, if they are doing everything they can to avoid us, we have to accept that we’ve done what we can for now.

Give Suggestions, But Know That’s Your Limit

And when it comes to respecting boundaries, you can, at the very least, provide appropriate solutions, but understand that it’s not your role to fix their problem for them. If they don’t want our help, it’s very likely that it is because they don’t want our sympathy. But instead, you can give small suggestions, depending on what happened. If they’ve gone through a terrible accident, you can give them the details of an experienced motorcycle lawyer, or any legal professional that can help them through this. But, they have to come around to the idea themselves, because they clearly don’t want you to give them a lifeline, because this is most definitely construed as sympathy.

Get Professional Help If Necessary

It does depend on the problem itself, but if you are concerned for their safety, an intervention may be necessary, or asking for professional advice could give you that unique angle in which to approach the situation. What you can do in the meantime is to research into what sort of help is available where you are, and so, if or when they are ready to seek help, you can point them in the right direction. And yes, while you can be frustrated about it too, this means that your frame of mind could be negatively impacted. So, this is why if it’s really impacting on your own stress and anxiety levels, talking to someone may be a good option for you too.

Someone who doesn’t want our help has to be respected, but there are limits. When it’s someone that we love, we can feel inclined to put the pressure on them, but this is only going to drive them away. Yes, if we want them to seek help for a certain problem, we have to respect the fact that they’ll come around to it in their own time, but at the same time, we don’t want to avoid them. This is why we need to reach out, but in the right ways.

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