Little Things That Can Help Living with a Disability

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Disabled people often find themselves in places that are not suitable for them. This means that they have to develop the skill of problem-solving, as this can help them to find ways around such situations. For some of them, problem-solving has become an art and they have used it to create other things that can make the life of a disabled person a bit simpler.

Visibag from Safer To Be Seen

Visibag is designed to fit on the back of wheelchairs, mobility scooters and walking frames. As well as being very useful for carrying items, the design includes a unique feature of hi-vis material as part of it. This makes the disabled person much more visible to other people around them, making their situation safer when they are out and about.

Many people wear hi-vis jackets or vests, but if you are confined to a wheelchair, no one would notice that from behind. The Visibag gets over that problem by providing the hi-visibility required. It is a very simple idea that could save lives and Steve from Safer To Be Seen deserves congratulations for coming up with the idea.

Motability From Mercedes-Benz

One of the biggest problems for people with a disability can be travelling from place to place. It does not have to be a long journey. For instance, a check-up at the local hospital can create problems with them getting there.

This is where Mercedes Motability offers can help. They offer a range of Mercedes-Benz cars many of which have free Motability Adaptions included. A Package with them also includes servicing and repairs costs, free insurance for up to three people, and roadside recovery.

Having a reliable and adapted car will certainly making getting around a lot simpler for most disabled people.

Access Card from CredAbility

Developed by the team at CredAbility, this is a card like no other. The idea behind it is that it will inform a business or other organization of a person’s needs in a very specific and hassle-free manner.  It is not always possible to tell just by looking what someone’s special needs are, but as many businesses want to cater for disabled people, this is a simple way of letting them know.

This card should help to reduce the stress for disable people when they have to explain their needs, especially if they are not visual ones. Although some businesses were wary of it to start with, it is now being accepted by many more as they realize the benefits for both them and their visitor.


None of the above three suggestions and there are many more, took a genius to work them out. They were probably a flash of inspiration in someone’s mind but they have managed to turn it into a reality to help disabled people. It is only imagination that limits things that can help people with disabilities. As time goes on, more and more things are being introduced, and technology is playing a large part in some of the new innovations.

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