Everyone has problems, so don’t feel like you’re alone if you’re going through some things. We know people say new year, new me, but there’s only so many problems you can try and ignore until they surface again. But considering it is a new year, we think you should live by a new philosophy. Because not everyone around you is perfect, like you may think. You’ll see people around you, or will perhaps have people in your life, that seem to have it all. They have the friends, the family, the money, the perfect lifestyle… it all seems faultless. But this is just a persona that they’re living by. Not everyone has everything, and although some people might have the key components, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have their own set of problems. So the philosophy we want you to live by is this. Everyone chooses their own path, you just have to set yours out. 2019 is the year to deal with problems, and come out more on top than you ever have before. Here are some of the most common problems people tackle, that at one point they never could. Hopefully some of this can relate to you!

Dealing With Problems You Didn’t Think You Could

Rock Bottom

Rock bottom is the lowest of the lowest, so we might as well start with that first. If you reach rock bottom, you will literally not know where to turn. All your mind will be focused on is the problems you’ve got going on in your life, so much so that it will cloud your vision in other areas of your life. You won’t be able to focus on work, you’ll find yourself always in the house without any socialisation, and you’ll generally feel like the world is against you. Getting to rock bottom and not knowing where to turn is such a worrying situation. We think that a lot of it stems down to work, and money, because the two are so closely linked together. Once they both start failing, you’ll convince yourself that everything else in your life is a major issue too. But it’s really not! Money and work are so closely linked, so they’re so easy to sort. But first of all, we definitely do recommend seeing a counsellor. Sorting out money and work is easy, but getting your mental state back somewhere positive isn’t. Don’t feel defeated by going to get professional help, feel uplifted and watch how your life changes. As for work, spend some real time searching for something that interests you, then find a role within a company that pays better than what you’re on. A new path in life, mixed in with some professional help, will definitely put you in the right mindset.

Health Problems

It’s never nice trying to deal with health problems, especially when they’re directly affecting your life and your mindset. But unless you have superpowers and the ability to stay young, you’re going to get ill at some point. From something like the common cold, to a freak accident that leads you to have serious injuries. Knowing how to bounce back however, is essential. One health problem that both males and females suffer with, and is one of the leading causes of anxiety over looks, is hair loss. Whether it be due to thinning of the hair, alopecia, or just male balding, it can be reduced. Hair loss medication is a real thing, and it can help you get that all important volume and depth back to your hair. There is also the more expensive option, which is a hair transplant. But we know how important looks are to most of you, so sometimes the more expensive options are the best options!

Family Fallouts

Family fallouts can happen over anything. From someone cancelling a plan last minute, to someone using the last of the milk so there’s nothing left for a morning coffee. When family fallouts happen, you wouldn’t believe how stubborn people come. It’s like family never existed before, and people are happy to live their lives without each other. But when all is said and done, family will always be there for you. You might think you can survive with just friends, but family you have that deeper connection with. If you know you haven’t spoke to a family member due to a fallout in months, use this year to reconcile. Turn up at their door with some chocolate or alcohol, and talk it out. You wouldn’t believe how much you can solve with a simple conversation!

This is a collaborative post.

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