Here’s our very first episode of Dizzycast! ? (which is abit scary but also super exciting!) Please head over to Dizzy’s Dotty Team page where you can find out about Meg, Jen and Robert, who all feature in this episode. Or click on their names to potter over to their websites. ? Me and Dizzy really hope […]

via Dizzycast Ep.1 A Daydreaming Dizzy — Dinosaurs, Donkeys and MS

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One thought on “Dizzycast Ep.1 A Daydreaming Dizzy — Dinosaurs, Donkeys and MS

  1. This is the first Dizzycast, the first of many I suspect. There is a great interview with Meg Lewellyn about her initial diagnosis, and how she currently treats pain with cannabis. Dizzy described one of her adventures, and then this is followed by a discussion about fatigue in MS. It is great to hear 3 different perspectives on fatigue, with fantastic contributions from Heather and Jen. Please take the time to listen, and share. Thank you.

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