Blogs that I am following

On this page, I will be sharing the blogs that I am reading at the moment. If you have any suggestions on blogs that I should look at, use the contact form here.

Multiple Sclerosis Blogs

Dinosaurs, Donkeys and MS: In this blog, Heather shares her journey with MS. She is accompanied by her trusty companion, Dizzy (a donkey). Every month she releases a new podcast where she interviews a special guest and also has a groups discussion about different topics.

Tripping through Treacle: Jen in her blogs shares what it is like to be a parent with MS. Her honest account of the obstacles she faces, and how she overcomes them is inspiring.

MS & Me Blog: This is the blog of the MS Society here in Ireland. This blog shares the stories of many different people with MS. A new post is released every week.

Aid4Disabled: This a a blog by Patrick who now has secondary progressive MS. He has a huge amount of great information about MS, and the tools we need to live a better life.

Other Chronic Illnesses

A Chronic Voice: This is a collection of posts created by Sheryl about her various chronic illnesses, and she also curates a brilliant collection of other posts from around the globe.

My Medical Musings: Sam shares some great insights on how to live with a chronic illness. She has her tough days, but somehow she has the strength and determination rise above this, and share her story.