It’s one of the most saddest times that you’ll ever have to go through. Becoming your parents carer may be upsetting to most of you, but it’s inevitably what’s going to happen to them as they get older and older. It’ll happen to you one day in the distant future too! But, if you’re going through this at the minute, then we know you’re going to be under a fair amount of stress. Not only will you have your own life and family to deal with, you’ll also have the weight on your mind as to whether your parents are ok, and what you could be doing more to care for them. Some parents lose the ability to clean, cook properly, and take care of the house. When this starts to happen, we’ve got a bit of advice for you. We don’t want you to feel overwhelmed, so have a read of this article, and see if becoming your parents carer doesn’t have to be so hard after all!

Becoming Your Parents Carer
Becoming Your Parents Carer

Don’t Be Overbearing

The last thing you want to be is overbearing. If you’re constantly there, asking what your parents are doing, and trying to do every last thing for them, then the both of you will get frustrated pretty quickly. We’re meant to be there for our families, but by you doing absolutely everything for them, you really are taking away every drop of their freedom. In old age, freedom and independence is the biggest desire, so you have to lose he reigns a little, and trust that they’ll look after themselves properly most of the time. When they do need a little helping hand, make sure you’re there for them. For example, they might have had a bad back all week, and not been able to push the hoover round. They would be more than grateful if you could do that, but don’t go overboard and start doing their washing, ironing etc. because they’ll only get frustrated.

When It Gets Too Much

If you find yourself constantly having to go round to your parents to do things around the house, or make sure they’re in good health, then it might be time to think about other options. It’s easy to let it consume your life, but if you have a look at websites such as, you’ll find a new way of life for you both. Sending them to a retirement home isn’t giving them away, it’s giving them back some of their quality of life. They will have constant socialisation, a desire to do more for themselves, and help on hand 24 hours a day!

Helping With Independence

If this just isn’t an option at the minute, then you need to make sure you’re helping with independence. Having railing put along the wall to help them walk and lean when needed is a good idea. Having a stair lift so they can get up and down the stairs easily is also a great idea. The less they have to do in terms of exerting energy, the better!

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  1. my in-laws moved in with us a couple years ago because they needed a lot of help. my mother-in-law passed away a few months ago, and now we take care of my father-in-law. it’s such a difficult job. you have provided some great tips!

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